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Our Services

Conception of Web sites which can be accesssible by handicapped people, with databases management.
Maintenance and updating websites already written.
Create all-format advertising supports, magazines and reviews.
Installs and repairs all personal computers.
Formation to computing tools.

Technics used

Ourselves in few words

Electronic publishing operator in Bordeaux, jjcortes.com create websites which access is also possible to blind or handicapped people.
So, we made the bet to apply the latest standards and recommentations issued by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) concerning the Web Accessibility Initiative WAI and to push the respect to its maximum level Triple-A.
A lot of people think those websites are ugly, but they are wrong. Because, by separing content and shape, you can decorate like you want, while keeping a good access in text or vocal modes for those who can't see or see with difficulty.
We can change the page's aspect, just by changing cascading style sheet.
Here are some examples : BinaryBlue | Lily | Carbon14 | Woodwork

Utility of a website accessible by everybody

A website which can be access by everybody is not just a mind view, It's a obligation if you don't want to exclude some people from web content. That's why a law has been voted in France creating the obligation for public services to allow the access to their websites to handicapped people.
(LOI n° 2005-102 du 11 février 2005 (NOR : SANX0300217L) pour l'égalité des droits et des chances, la participation et la citoyenneté des personnes handicapées)

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Please, write us in case we made a mistake. Thank you.

More informations on this page : The main browsers managed by our websites.

Display problems

You are tired with Internet Explorer's bugs and with it's lack of security against viruses?
You want to enjoy the full power of a modern web browser?
So download Firefox the free browser approved by more than 200 millions internauts in the world, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, in more than 40 languages.

Link to download Firefox 2 browser

We aren't alone in the universe

This logo indicates that we integrated the RezoMac mailling list, which regroups a lot of French speaking websites talking about the Macintosh.

Logo of RezoMac website