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Conception of website accessible by handicapped people

Utility of a website

A website allows to inform, to send and to colect informations, every days, without having to stay on your chair, avalaible from any side of the world connected to the Internet.
From its immaterial structure, a website can be created without the need to make a big investment, so it can acquired by small economic entities.

Involved people

Small and medium companies, merchants, local collectivities, associations, artisans, artists and individuals.

Geographic area

The prospection area is Bordeaux and its area (Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux), to be close to our future customers, but as this service can be managed directly from our office, foreign customers can contact us.

Philosophy of our websites

To ensure the compatibility with a majority of web browsers, jjcortes.com uses only standardized and multi platform languages, with a lot of free solutions : XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
This programmation politic allows us to become independant from onerous licenses and commercial solutions.


Identification of your needs and creation of a workbook which indicates the website type : display websites, site avec un forum, website with database, blog or videos, etc., the amount and the type of pages (static or dynamic contents), time given to create the website, future needs in maintenance and updates.

An estimation is written, with payment agreement (deposit, payments in several times).

Recovery of the different elements (texts, pictures, videos, audio files, logos, and associated databases), the graphic charter, the access codes to the ftp server needed to upload the website after payment.

The website is realized respecting current standards and accessibility by handicapped people, and allowing referencement by search engines by the use of a coherent page structure and by placing keywords in the page header.

Personalized website with your graphic charter depending of the constraints of the web (fonts management, page weight, etc), respecting your visual identity.

Each step of development will be notified by an operation form, or at the end for projects realized in a short delay (less than one month).
Depending of the contract, each stage will be invoiced.


Prices depend of the complexity of the website, and the various modules added (forum, database, videos, etc.).

For display websites :
- The 3-page bundle costs 300 euros (19.6% VAT rate not included), without database, blog or forum.
- The 6-page bundle costs 500 euros (19.6% VAT rate not included), without database, blog or forum.
- For most complex website : price will be defined with customers, depending the website type.

Our brochure for this service

You can download our brochure explaining our service "Conception of websites accessible by handicapped people", by clicking on one of these two links below :

Our brochure "Conception of websites accessible by handicapped people" in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Link to download Adode Reader 8

Our brochure "Conception of websites accessible by handicapped people" in text format (.txt), readable with any text editor.

Tools and Languages Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and BareBones BBEdit.

Our Other Services

Maintenance and updating websites already written.
Create all-format advertising supports, magazines and reviews.
Installs and repairs all personal computers.
Formation to computing tools.