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Emulators for Macintosh

You will find here some links to websites containing Mac softwares translated in French by jjcortes.com, with the agreement of their respective authors, to ensure the translation of future versions. (English version also available).

Some of these softwares are sharewares, so don't forget, please, to pay to their authors the fee which will help them to continue to develop the softwares.
Thank you very much.

Arnold's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Amstrad CPC computers emulator.

Download Arnold 1.7.6 English, freeware. (2.1 MB)

Download Arnold 1.6.1 French, freeware. (1.2 MB)

fMSX's Icon


By Richard Bannister : MSX computers emulator.

Download fMSX 3.0.2 English, shareware fee : US$20. (2.2 MB)

Download fMSX 2.7 French, shareware fee : US$20. (964 KB)

Frodo's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Commodore 64 computer emulator.

Download Frodo 4.3.8 English, freeware. (3.4 MB)

Download Frodo 4.2.2 French, freeware. (1 MB)

Handy's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Atari Lynx console emulator.

Download Handy 0.9.5 English, freeware. (984 KB)

Download Handy 0.8.3 French, freeware. (504 KB)

KiGB's Icon


By Richard Bannister : GameBoy console emulator.

Download KiGB 2.0.3 Englishnister, freeware. (2.0 MB)

Download KiGB 1.4.3 French, freeware. (572 KB)

MO5's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Thomson MO5 computer emulator.

Download MO5 2.6.1 English, freeware. (1.3 MB)

Download MO5 2.2 French, freeware. (580 KB)

Nostalgia's Icon


By Philippe Gérin : Atari ST computer emulator.

Download NoSTalgia 1.4.2 English, freeware. (588 KB)

Download NoSTalgia 1.3 French, freeware. (404 KB)

O2Em's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Odyssey 2 console emulator.

Download O2Em 1.0.9 English, freeware. (1.3 MB)

Download O2Em 1.0.2 French, freeware. (807 KB)

Oric's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Oric 1 and Oric Atmos computers emulator.

Download Oric 1.7.6 English, freeware. (1.3 MB)

Download Oric 1.6.2 French, freeware. (476 KB)

Stella's Icon


By The Stella Team : Atari 2600 game console emulator.

Download Stella 2.3.5 English, freeware. (3.1 MB)

Download Stella 1.2 French, freeware. (1 MB)

TEO's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Thomson TO8 computer emulator.

Download TEO 1.8 English, freeware. (1.3 MB)

Download TEO 1.7 French, freeware. (364 KB)

vMac's Icon


By Richard Bannister : Mac Plus emulator.

Download vMac 0.1.9c English, freeware. (1 MB)

Download vMac 0.1.9c French, freeware. (1.2 MB)