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Training to Computer Tools

Utility of training service :

Today, using a computer is common at home and at work. If we don't want to be exclude from numerous works and staying wired with young generations who like new technologies, it's very important to know how to use a computer. That's why jjcortes.com organize initiation curses about how to use PC ou Macintosh micro computers and their main associated softwares (web browser, electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheet, picture retouch software, etc.).

Involved people :

Small and medium companies, merchants, local collectivities, associations, artisans, artists and individuals.

Geographic area :

The prospection area is Bordeaux and its area (Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux), to be close to our future customers, but national organizations searching teachers for sessions at Bordeaux (and all around France, if transportation is paid) can also contact us.

Methodology :

Identification of your needs and creation of a workbook which indicates the formation type : (Mac OS X or Windows operating sytems, office automation softwares, web browsers), how many people, how many hours, the place of the formation (in customers office or in a formation centre).

An estimation is written, with payment agreement (deposit, payments in several times)

Execution of the formation.

Each formation will be notified by an operation form, or at the end for formations given during a short delay (one week max).
Depending of the contract, each formation will be invoiced one by one, each week or each month.

Prices :

They depend of the customers needs.
For one-person formations : defined in function of usual prices asked.
For group formations asked by companies : defined with the customers in function of their prices.

Our brochure for this service

You can download our brochure explaining our service "Formation to Computer Tools", by clicking on one of these two links below :

Our brochure "Formation to Computer Tools" in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Link to download Adode Reader 8

Our brochure "Formation to Computer Tools" in text format (.txt), readable with any text editor.

Our other services

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