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Macintosh and PC Maintenance

Utility of a maintenance service :

Novice users prefer to call a specialist in case of problem with their computers or to upgrade them (new operating system, adding a card or a device).

Involved people :

Small and medium companies, merchants, local collectivities, associations, artisans, artists and individuals, whose computers and devices are out of warranty.

Geographic area :

The prospected area is Saint-Aubin de Medoc and cities around (Saint-Medard en Jalles, Le Taillan, Le Haillan and Louens), to be close to our customers.

Methodology :

Identify the problem by phone (search of the cause during 5 minutes max).
If necessary, going to the customers, after negociating an estimation by phone.

An estimation is written, with payment agreement (deposit, payments in several times), and eventually, a workbook indicating the intervention type, the type and the quantity of computers and devices, the full description of each intervention on each device, the delay given to come on the site and doing the interventions.

The repair or the maintenance is realised.

Each intervention will be notified by an operation form, or each group of intervention for maintenance contracts.

Each operation will be invoiced one by one or, following the contract modalities defined with the customers.

Prices :

For diagnostics by phone : free (research limited to 5 minutes).
For interventions : the 1-hour bundle costs 50 euros (19.6% VAT rate not included) or 30 euros if payed using CESU. Extra time will be invoiced 30 euros (19.6% VAT rate not included) per hour or 20 euros using CESU, after extimation agreement. Displacement included in the price if the customers are in the area mentioned above.

For maintenance contracts : prices defined with the customers in function of the intervention type.

Our brochure for this service

You can download our brochure explaining our service "Macintosh and PC Maintenance", by clicking on one of these two links below :

Our brochure "Macintosh and PC Maintenance" in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Link to download Adode Reader 8

Our brochure "Macintosh and PC Maintenance" in text format (.txt), readable with any text editor.

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